segunda-feira, 23 de julho de 2007

In Da Mix... Misk

Misk, dj e produtor norte-americano de quem já falei há dias a propósito do EP "Pathos", é o autor do set em destaque para hoje. Um set que poderia definir como deepindustrialprogressivedubstep... ou, simplesmente, como fabuloso!

A propósito de Misk e retirado do seu MySpace:

"The origin of his affinity to metal and plastic boxes with flashing buttons on them is unknown. However, for those who know him, his addiction to these modern music boxes and computer programs is very evident, and a driving force in his life.

Misk has been producing and DJing electronic music in some for or another since circa 2000 BCE, and hes not about to slow down. Honing his undeniable sense of rhythm, combined with an unhealthy fixation on synthesis, sampling, melody and sound design, this music producer is doing much more than flirting with his muse these days."

Download -> Live Dubstep Set

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