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Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental Show (28/11)

Conforme prometido aqui vai mais uma sessão do Experimental Show de Mary Anne Hobbs e respectivo alinhamento:

On this week's show, Mary Anne's got some wicked session tracks from Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon and Breakage provides a dark and brooding drum n bass mix. Plus there's exclusive tunes from Calibre, Nico Purman, and Sunken Foal along with tracks from Burial, The Village Orchestra, Reso, Caspa, Double Helix and Sunken Foal.

Tracklist :

NWA - 'If It Ain't Ruff' (Priority Records)
Nico Purman - 'Tuesday' (Vakant)
Burial - 'Archangel' (from LP 'Untrue) (Hyperdub)

Sumone - 'Oblivion' (Planet Mu Dub)

Cadence Weapon Session Track
Cadence Weapon - 'In Search Of The Youth Crew' (Live in Session)

The Village Orchestra - 'The Grey King' (from LP 'The Dark Is Rising') (Stuff)
Benga & Walsh - 'Addicts' (Texture Dubplate)
Reso - 'Identity' (Dubplate)
Scorn - 'Snag' (from LP 'Stealth') (Ohm Resistance)
Paul De Aragon - 'Module 3' (from LP 'Opposite Reality Check') (Microdot)
Caspa - 'Louder' (Pitch Black)

Breakage Mix
Breakage - 'Clarendon' (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage - 'Come Back' (Bassbin)
Breakage - 'The Shroud' (Digital Soundboy)
Breakage - 'Morning Star V.I.P.' (Bassbin)
Insight - 'Transmission' (White)
L.V. With Dandelion - 'Takeover' (Hyperdub)
Digital Mystikz - 'Ancient Memories' (DMZ)
Breakage - 'Calahan' (Digital Soundboy)
Untold - 'Signal Test' (Hessle Audio)
Breakage - 'Untitled' (Digital Soundboy)

Dhruva & Sharmji - 'Koli Stance' (Dubplate)
Double Helix - 'Complacency' (from compilation 'Action! Disco!') (Crunk's Not Dead)

Calibre - 'Untitled' (Dubplate)

Cadence Weapon Session Tracks
Cadence Weapon - 'Oliver Square' (Live in Session)
Cadence Weapon - 'Black Hand' (Live in Session)

ConQuest - 'Forever' (from Rusko & Caspa's Fabric Mix) (Dub Police)

Sunken Foal - 'Dutch Elm' (Planet Mu Dubplate)


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