quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2007

Test Tube e Kahvi Collective - Novas Edições

Destaque para mais duas edições no âmbito do netaudio. Mais uma edição da nacional Test Tube e a primeira abordagem que por aqui faço ao catálogo de uma das mais prestigiadas e sólidas netlabels à escala global a Kahvi Collective. Aqui ficam juntamente com as notas que acompanham os respectivos lançamentos.

Krypton - Silent Drama (Test Tube #102)

«Whether a fictional planet in the DC Comics universe or a chemical element, known as a noble gas that occurs in trace amounts in the atmosphere, Krypton has the ability to expand into your subconscious. Along these sounds, you would be able to walk through a cold hummed darkness to develop systems of echolocation that will take you into distant memories. In this realm, memory becomes a bright greenish-yellow light that glows and reverbs. Once submerged into the nature of “silent drama”, you might hear the images of a forsaken territory, of a territory that is like faint shadows, of a connection with the land that is not familiar any longer. Once thought to be completely inert, Krypton is known to form a few compounds. These compounds are substances formed when two or more elements are chemically joined. In this case these substances are sonic. By suddenly arriving with some metal keys being plucked up and down, “human rights” is one of the tracks that will probably bring you back into the human constructs of a cyclical and percussive time. On the whole, these seven pleasant and fluorescent tracks are aural treats that can make you understand that all is one, that there are no fundamental divisions, and a unified set of laws underlie nature.» - Sebastian Alvarez

Speak - Mindsplit (Kahvi Collective #228)
Branching off in a completely different direction now @ Kahvi. Something entirely refreshing comes in the form of a six track ep from guest artist mindsplit. The ep is a dub oriented blast with elements of ethnic percussion, idm and electronica and reggae beats. Slow paced but interesting and diverse, Mindsplit sets the mood for the kahvi 'christmas release week' which will be happening from 17th to 21st december. One release each day until the official kahvi christmas release which will be released on friday 21st. Enjoy some cool and dubbed vibes.

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